Farmers Committed to Soil Health

Stand Tall on Earth Day


Visit Jason and Misty Lay's corn and soybean farm outside Bloomington, Ill., and it just may look like Earth Day all year long. They're among a growing number of farmers adopting modern sustainable ag practices, including cover crops, reduced tillage, waterways and terraces. The techniques help restore soil health, one of our nation's best opportunities to sequester carbon and improve water quality, while protecting against the threats of climate change.


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We are identifying, testing and measuring management practices to improve soil health and benefit farmers’ operations.  Many farmers across the country are implementing innovative management practices that result in economic and environmental benefits. We are building upon the work of these farmers to provide connections between on-farm practices and improving soil health.


We believe the results of this farmer-led project will provide a platform for sharing information from farmers to farmers, with the support and resources to benefit farmers’ bottom lines and agricultural sustainability.  We are helping provide the spark for greater understanding and more broadly implementing agricultural practices that work best.


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